is the central administration in charge of organising elections in the Slovak Republic.

Its main responsibilities are as follows:

  • organisation of elections to the National Council of the Slovak Republic, elections to the European Parliament, elections to territorial self-government bodies, elections of the President of the Slovak Republic and popular vote on his removal and the execution of a referendum,
  • management of the special electoral roll and voting process of the elections to the National Council of the Slovak Republic and referendum by post,
  • guidance of the local public authorities and territorial self-government authorities on the formation of constituencies, compile electoral rolls, arrangement and equipment of polling stations, safekeeping of ballot papers and other electoral files, and performance of other legal tasks in connection with elections,
  • preparation of documents for declaring elections to the bodies of territorial self-government after vacating the mandate during the election period and submission of proposals for elections to the Speaker of the National Council,
  • management and control of the financial security of elections and referendum in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and decision-making on the purpose and amount of an advance payment for municipalities to cover their expenses connected with their conduct in elections,
  • control of the electoral campaign funding by political parties, candidates and third parties and impose penalties for violations of a special regulation of electoral campaign,
  • fulfilment of tasks of the expert and administrative department of the State Commission for the Elections and Control of Political Parties Funding in connection with elections,
  • management of the state administration in the field of registration of political parties and political movements, maintenance of the register of political parties and political movements, co-ordination of the information systems and impose fines on political parties and political movements.