Bjørn Berge at AI Journey 2021 conference in Moscow

Strasbourg 10 November 2021
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Bjørn Berge at AI Journey 2021 conference in Moscow

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be regulated effectively by any one government alone. The web and related technology are something that we share. All of us. They are international by their very nature. So, if we want effective regulation, that means harmonised rules between countries, effective legal protection, and an oversight mechanism to ensure compliance: a multilateral solution must be found”, underlined Deputy Secretary General Bjørn Berge, while taking the floor at the Artificial Intelligence Journey 2021 Conference in Moscow.

The event brought together leading international and Russian speakers — experts in AI, representatives of business, government and academic community to discuss the most relevant topics of the industry.

“I would like to welcome the fact that today, Sberbank is joining the co-operation framework we launched four years ago, between the Council of Europe and internet and digital companies and their representatives’ associations. This is an important decision and we very much look forward to our co-operation”, highlighted the Deputy Secretary General.