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Strengthening effective legal remedies to human rights violations in Serbia

What is the goal?

► to strengthen the overall protection of human rights in Serbia in line with European standards
► to improve national mechanisms for the consistent application of the European Convention on Human Rights and case law of the European Court of Human Rights, as well as the national judicial practice
► to foster national implementation of European human rights standards, including the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.

Who benefits from the Action?

► [Citizens], who will have their human rights better and/or fully protected on the national level
► Constitutional Court, Government Agent before the European Court of Human Rights, High Judicial Council, Judicial Academy, Law Faculty of the University of Belgrade, Ministry of European Integrations, Ministry of Justice, Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office, State Prosecutorial Council and Supreme Court of Cassation.

How will the Action work?

► Establishing inter-agency advisory group
► Research and analytical reports (needs assessment, analysis, review)
► Expert discussions (conferences, seminars, round tables) and peer exchanges
► Tailor-made training curricula and training sessions for legal professionals and law students
► (Co)developing HELP courses
► Manuals/Guidelines.

What do we expect to achieve?

► Reinforced capacity of legal professionals to apply the ECHR provisions and the ECtHR case law
► Strengthened case law departments in courts
► Secured horizontal dialogue between courts on contentious legal issues
► Strengthened mechanism for the execution of the ECtHR judgements in relation to Serbia and the office of the Government’s Agent before the ECtHR.

How much will it cost?

► The total budget of the Action is 900 000 EUR.
► The budget allocated to the overall Horizontal Facility programme amounts to ca. 41 Million EUR (85% funded by the European Union, 15% by the Council of Europe).

How to get more information?

► Human Rights National Implementation Division: https://www.coe.int/en/web/national-implementation
► Horizontal Facility website: https://pjp-eu.coe.int/en/web/horizontal-facility/home
► Marija Simić, Horizontal Facility Communication Officer, [email protected], +381 63 601 337
Besnik Baka, Horizontal Facility Communication Officer, [email protected], +355 69 217 8430