Implementation in 2010-2011
of the 3-year Framework Co-operation Programme
“Strengthening Civil Society and Civic Participation
in the Russian Federation” (2008-2011)

Draft list of activities for 2010 to June 2011
(as of July 2010)

I. Human rights

Seminar on gender equality
Title: Gender equality – a way to real democracy
Partner NGO: Union of the Committees of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia
Venue: Moscow
Date: end October / beginning of November 2010

Seminar on human rights in closed institutions and publication of a brochure
Title: Preserving life and dignity in closed institutions
Partner NGOs: Russian Research Center for Human Rights (RRCHR) and Agency for Social Information, Russia (ASI)
Venue: Chelyabinsk or Yekaterinburg, with participants of different regions
Date: March 2011

Seminar on human rights defenders
Title: Protection of Human Rights Defenders
Partner NGO: Youth Human Rights Movement, Russia
Location: Voronezh or town in another region
Date: First half of 2011

II. Democracy and civil society

Seminar on relations between NGOs and authorities
Title: Public Expertise – A Tool for Dialogue and Cooperation between NGOs and the State
Partner NGO: Lawyers for Civil Society, Russia
Location: Vladimir
Date: end of September 2010 or mid-November 2010

Participation of the INGO Conference in the Summer Seminar of the “Baltic Practice”
Title: Russia's engagement in European organisations: Items for a common agenda
Organiser: Moscow University Higher School of Economics and Inter-legal Foundation
Location: Oslo
Date: 1-8 August 2010

Ongoing project carried out by a partner organisation in connection with the 3-year Framework Co-operation Programme
Title: Russian Media Coverage of NGO activities
Organiser: Russian Peace Foundation
Location: Russian Federation
Duration: 2010-2011

III. Social cohesion in a human rights perspective

Meeting with professionals and academics, in connection with the World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty (17 October)
Title: The European Social Charter –The role of social work and voluntary work in promoting social rights
Partner NGO: Russian Union of Social Workers and Social Pedagogues
Location: Moscow
Date: 15 October 2010

Interregional seminar on the European Social Charter in a region
Title: The European Social Charter – promoting human rights of persons with disabilities OR of children and young persons
Partner NGO: Russian NGO active in the chosen policy field
Location: to be confirmed
Date: first half of 2011