Non-Governmental Organisations



Strasbourg, 29 May 2009

Wednesday 24 June 2009 (10.45 am - 12.15 pm)
Room 2, Palais de l’Europe

    1. Draft agenda: for adoption

    2. Draft synopsis of the meeting held on 28 April 2009 [CONF/TER(2009)SYN2]: for adoption

    3. Contributions made for the committee or the INGO Conference, with the participation of Maguelonne Déjeant-Pons, Head of the Landscape Policies and Spatial Planning Division
    3.1 European Landscape Award: presentation by Anne-Marie Chavanon, Chair
    3.2 International Seminar of the CEMAT in Kyiv (Ukraine, 11 June 2009) on “A comprehensive approach to balanced sustainable spatial development of the European continent”: presentation by Patrice Collignon

    4. Committee projects: for information and discussion
    4.1 Working group on substandard housing: progress report by Anne-Marie Chavanon
    4.2 2009 European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) (12-18 October): exchange of views with Jos Lemmers, Head of Department for Democratic Participation, and Emile Barthel, committee co-ordinator for ELDW
    4.3 Biodiversity at global level: possible action in 2010, with the participation of Carolina Lasen Diaz, Head of the Biological Diversity Unit, Directorate of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage, and Edith Wenger, co-ordinator of the committee’s environment and health working group

    5. Working tools being developed
    5.1 Blog: presentation by Anne-Marie Chavanon
    5.2 Who’s who directory (“Trombinoscope”): presentation by Georg Mäschig, Vice-Chair

    6. Other business

    7. Next meeting: 30 September 2009 (9 am - 12.30 pm)