Internet governance

w Overview
w Security
w Openness
w Health
w Access
w Human Rights - Democracy
w Diversity
w Critical internet


Rights of Internet users


Internet Governance Strategy


Unlimited connections - A brochure for young people

Human rights guidelines for Internet service providers

Human rights guidelines for online games providers

Calendar of events and meetings

"Our Internet -
Our Rights,
Our Freedoms"


w EuroDIG

w United Nations/Internet Governance Forum



Protection and promotion of the universality, integrity and openness of the Internet - Recommendation CM/Rec(2011)8 of the Committee of Ministers to member states



Resolution No. 1 on a modern, transparent and efficient justice (30th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Justice)

Rethinking creative rights for the Internet age - Recommendation 1906 (2010), Parliamentary Assembly

Respect for media freedom - Recommendation 1897 (2010), Parliamentary Assembly

Network Neutrality - Declaration of the Committee of Ministers


Media and terrorism - Recommendation 1706 (2005), Parliamentary Assembly


Freedom of expression

Media and information society

Internet and children - Media education

Building a Europe for and with children

Internet literacy



Legal instruments for combating racism on the Internet

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