Steering Committee on

Media and Information Society


CDMSI comments on
PACE Recommendation 2001 (2012) on protection of and access to the audiovisual cultural heritage

The Steering Committee of Media and Information Society (CDMSI) welcomes Recommendation 2001(2012) on protection and access to the audiovisual cultural heritage of the Parliamentary Assembly. It agrees with the Assembly that there is a pressing need for member states to establish strategies to protect their audiovisual cultural heritage and, to the extent possible, to provide for public access thereto.

New forms of digital media provide the technology and means. However, there are constraints in respect of the implementation of such strategies which need to be overcome. First, in some member states there are not enough budgetary means allocated for establishing digital archives and for effecting the necessary transition from analogue to digital archives. Second, access to archives raises copyright issues. Existing good practices regarding multi-stakeholder partnerships or specific agreements show that solutions are possible.

The CDMSI has taken note of the need expressed by the Assembly to update the European Convention for the Protection of the Audiovisual Heritage (CETS No. 183), and is ready to contribute to explore the feasibility of drawing up a second additional protocol thereto.

Finally, the CDMSI is pleased to note that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has expressed its willingness to develop, in partnership with the Council of Europe, joint strategies and concrete action for the protection of, and access to, audiovisual material held by public service broadcasters in Europe.