122nd European Seminar:

European dimension in literature in the first half of the 20th century:
exemplary pioneers of European Dialogue

Academy of Bad Wildbad, 17-21 November 2008



The ever growing intercultural nature of our societies sets a new challenge for education both in terms of content and in methodologies. Therefore it is crucial to go beyond the teaching of a strictly national conception of literature and to offer a transversal approach to European heritage at all levels, stressing the common link for the respect of diversity. In this context the seminar followed the example of some selected writers and their works, illustrating the visions of Europe intellectuals developed during the first part of the 20th century. This lead to a reflection on the European dimension in literature and on European literature(s).



Report of the European Seminar and Agenda

Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1833 (2008) on Promoting the teaching of European literature.


Jacques Legendre : L’Enseignement des Littératures européennes. Actes du colloque organisé le 11 décembre 2007 au Palais du Luxembourg (www.senat.fr)