Pestalozzi European Modules: Education for the prevention of discrimination




The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of the Council of Europe which all member states have ratified prohibits discrimination (Article 14). Legal safeguards are continuously refined and campaigns and action to fight discrimination are regularly launched but we also need to address the root causes and prevent them from developing throughout the process of socialisation of our young generations.

The training course will therefore focus on key questions such as: What is discrimination and what are its roots and its effects? What is done about discrimination and what more needs to be done? What must educators do to prevent discrimination?

After the Modules the participants will be better equipped: to raise awareness in learners, in their families and communities; prevent prejudice and stereotyping from developing; act against discrimination whenever it happens; contribute to making schools a place of socialisation free of discrimination.



    - 2/05 – 4/5/2012, Module B, Namur, Belgium
    - 29/03 – 30/03/2012, 2nd preparatory meeting of the team of facilitators of the module series

    - 11/10 – 14/10/2011, Module A, European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, Council of Europe
    - 17/03 – 18/03/2011, 1st preparatory meeting of the team of facilitators of the module series



Description of this module series (pdf)
Final report (pdf)