European Workshop:

„ Teaching about the Holocaust: integration of site visits in the pedagogical work “

Kraków and Oświęcim (Poland), 8-14 October 2011




    This workshop is organised for teachers and educators (14-19 years old students) of history, literature, arts, civic education, ethics, philosophy, religion, geography, biology, etc., who are planning to organise study visits to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. The training session itself will take place in Kraków and at the Memorial and Museum in Oświęcim. A full programme of lectures, workshops and visits based on the publication of the Council of Europe “European Pack for Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum – Guidelines for teachers and educators” has been prepared by the International Centre for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust. These activities will help participants better to integrate sites visits in their teaching practice by being more acquainted with the following issues:

    · Educational aspects of authentic Holocaust-related memorial sites;
    · Organisation of study visits and preparation of lessons about the Holocaust;
    · Contribution of authentic site visits to democratic citizenship and human rights education;
    · Cooperation between the participating countries by the exchange of experiences and good practice in the field;
    · Teachers’ knowledge on the history of Poland and Polish Jews.


    Interested education professionals can apply directly to participate in any training activity of the Pestalozzi programme. [More]



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