European Workshop:

„ Teaching Human Rights to the Future European Citizens – A Contribution to the European Fair of Youth and Human Rights 2011 “

Strasbourg (France), 14-16 April 2010




    Human Rights constitute the foundations of our European democracy – our common pedestal for social life and the respect of the others. Education for Human Rights and Democratic Citizenship is an essential mission for school and civil society.

    The European Fair of Youth and Human Rights 2011 endorses this responsibility and provides children, young people, teachers and educational bodies as well as the general public with a flagship event fostering work for and common reflection on Human and Children’s Rights.

    Two workshops will be carried out aiming at preparing teachers who will be participating in the Fair with their pupils to the necessary eductional task in the education of young Europeans and equally exceptional momentum in the classroom: the first encounter is taking place in April, Strasbourg (France) and the second one in November in Speyer (Germany).



Description of the Workshop
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