European Workshop:

„ History of the Shoah and genocides of the twentieth century“

Paris (France), 15-18 November 2010




    This training is first and foremost dedicated to secondary school teachers (in all subjects) as well as to school librarians. By means of numerous workshops, presentations and discussions led by the best French speaking specialists, issues related to the history and teaching of the Shoah will be examined. Guided visits of the Memorial and the Museum of Art and History of Juda´sm will enrich this programme.

    Teaching issues related to the Shoah addresses the question of the use of educational tools, the way these topics can be dealt with in history, literature, philosophy, or other subjects and the role of the witness. It must provide answers to the questions raised by this specific part of history.

    The training will provide the opportunity for a synoptic review of the various existing European approaches and an exchange in terms of educational practices.



Description of the Workshop
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