European Workshop:

„Exploring Civic Identity – New perspective in Civic Education“

Primorsko (Bulgaria), 16-20 June 2010




    The general aim of the workshop is to develop the understanding of the concept of civic identity and its implementation at secondary school level, to explore the place of civic identity in the framework of education for democratic citizenship and in civic education programmes and curricula.

    The workshop will be based on the expertise and experience of the participants concerning the civic identity issue, starting from the exploration of one’s own civic identity and focusing on the emerging identity of the young people. Topics covered will be identity, cultural, national, ethnic, moral identity, theory of multiple identity, identity crisis and the young people. One of the goals will be to develop the framework of a methodological approach concerning identity.

    The last part of the training will be devoted to education for identity - introducing civic identity in civic education and related courses - as well as to the development of lesson plans on civic identity.



Description of the Workshop



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