128th European Seminar:

“Gender-Mainstreaming: how does school guarantee gender equality?”

Academy of Bad Wildbad, 21-25 June 2010




    This European training seminar will focus on how gender mainstreaming, aiming at equality between women and men and in the school context in particular girls and boys, can be applied to schools, both within the classroom and in the school as a whole. This seminar will set the framework for the presentation of good examples in the educational field. It will also come up with concrete methodological and didactic training approaches that can be used in schools, especially in the field of social integration in the interest of the child, in order to grant equality from an early age.

    The seminar will make use of Council of Europe project results and teacher training materials. The participants are invited to explore together the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a school climate favouring equality between pupils and the ways of applying equality in the day-to-day teaching practice.



Agenda of the Seminar and final report

Description of the Seminar



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