126th European Seminar:
Collaborative/ cooperative teaching and learning and the promotion of a positive, constructive learning environment

Academy of Bad Wildbad, 30 November – 4 December 2009



    The collaborative/cooperative learning approach aims at contributing to empower pupils and help them develop new learning and interpersonal skills. Cooperation is the most important and basic form of human interaction, and the skills of cooperating successfully are essential skills everyone needs to learn because much of the work we do in life requires collaboration with others. So learning to work in a group lays an important foundation for later life. In many classrooms students work individually or with limited interaction with one another. It is usually the teacher who answers the questions. When completing assignments, there is little opportunity for sharing with classmates. But sharing, helping and working in pairs or in small groups is the appropriate format for many instructional situations. It provides a learning environment that supports a student’s intellectual development. In cooperative learning situations students get to exchange their thoughts about various subjects with each other. In discussions they justify their viewpoints, validate facts, deal with contradictions, and at times, alter their opinions. As a result of becoming aware of different points of view, students analyze their own ideas and become objective in their thinking.

Report of the European Seminar and Agenda
PowerPoint Presentations: Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4