Pestalozzi European Modules: Education for the prevention of crimes against humanity.



The work shall focus on training education professionals to implement the educational contribution to the prevention of crimes against humanity in their everyday practice. In particular it will focus on questions like:

    · Which are the savoirs, savoirs faire and savoirs être education needs to promote in order to draw the lessons of past and present crimes against humanity and to prevent future ones?
    · How to develop these in the everyday practice of teaching and learning?
    · Which competences do the teachers need in order to organise the teaching and learning practice in an appropriate way?

Target group:

Participants should come from a pre-service or in-service training context of formal or non-formal education. They need to have experience of and demonstrate a strong interest in the chosen theme. They also need to be competent users of at least one of the working languages, English or French.

Deadline for nomination: 26 June 2009




Description of this module series



26-29 May 2010, Module B, Cracow, Poland

25-26 March 2010, Module B, Preparatory meeting of the team of facilitators

20-23 October 2009, Module A, Strasbourg, France

17-18 June 2009, Module A, Preparatory meeting of the team of facilitators