Seminar for the Pestalozzi Network of Trainers
“Intercultural and Diversity Education: Evaluating Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge”

8-10 September 2010, Strasbourg, France

This was the second seminar of the Pestalozzi Network of Trainers. The meeting was hosted by the European Youth Centre Strasbourg, at the Council of Europe Headquarters.

The main aim was to look back at the work done over the past two years and to discuss ways forward, in particular:

To inform of the new developments of the Pestalozzi Programme in the light of the Council of Europe 2010 key events in the field of education:

To present the developed training resources and the work results and evaluate the usefulness of these resources and tools in teacher training and teaching.

To discuss the effective evaluation of transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge (TASK) and the involvement in future developments.

To learn more about the concept of “community of practice” and discuss ways for the Network to evolve towards a pan–European community of practice of educational professionals.

The meeting was opened by Ms Ólöf ÓLAFSDÓTTIR, Acting Director of Education and Languages and her speech offered a welcome and helpful orientation for the three days of work putting the Council of Europe’s efforts in the field of capacity building in the context of the work of the Education Directorate and in the wider context of the work of the Organisation as a whole: for a democratic culture, the respect and reality of human rights and the rule of law.

The programme was organised and moderated by the General Rapporteur of the Pestalozzi Module Series, Ms PASCALE MOMPOINT-GAILLARD, France, together with a team of facilitators: Mr Miguel Ángel GARCÍA LÓPEZ, Germany; Mr Pierre HELLA, Belgium; Ms Tahany SHEMEIS, Egypt and Mr Lars M. GUDMUNDSON and Ms Claudia LENZ, from the European Wergeland Centre (EWC), Norway.

The seminar gathered about 45 teacher trainers and education professionals from over 30 countries and representatives of partner institutions.

After a critical and appreciative look back at the work done and the outcomes, the participants focused on identifying possible ways forward and recommendations related to the following issues:

More effective use of outcomes and their dissemination

Evaluation of transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge

Capacity building and transition of a network to a community of practice

Management of a community of practice (CoP)

The next meeting of the Network of Trainers is foreseen in 2011.

Programme of the Seminar
List of participants