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The European Language Portfolio (ELP) was developed by the Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe

  • to support the development of learner autonomy, plurilingualism and intercultural awareness and competence;

  • to allow users to record their language learning achievements and their experience of learning and using languages.

Cessation of the registration of ELPs  More

Follow this link if you wish to know more about the concept of the ELP and how it was developed, create and register your own model or download ELP components.

Here you will find:

  • documents on the origins of and principles behind the ELP
  • reports on the ELP project at European level and on international seminars held under the aegis of the Council of Europe
  • lists of registered and accredited ELP models
  • a guide to compiling an ELP model
  • templates and other resources
  • the procedure for registering an ELP model
    Note: The registration procedure closed on 10 October 2014


Follow this link if you wish to access support for introducing an ELP into a school system, an educational sector, a school, or a class.

Here you will find:

  • ideas and tools for teacher education
  • models and case studies of the ELP being used in different educational contexts
  • ideas and tools to support the use of the ELP in different educational contexts
  • projects run by the Council of Europe’s European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz, to support the use of the ELP

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