Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights (EDC/HRE)


The Network of EDC/HRE coordinators met in Prague, Czech Republic
(19 -20 November 2009)

On 19-20 November 2009, a meeting of the network of the EDC/HRE coordinators was hosted in Prague by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, in co-operation with the Research Institute of Education.

Mr Jindřich Fryč, Head of the International Relations Department, welcomed the participants on behalf of the Ministry. The coordinators discussed the evaluation of the Council of Europe Programme "Learning and living democracy for all" (2006-2009) and future programme of activities for 2010-2014.

The organisation of the Evaluation Conference to be held in Strasbourg on 15-16 April 2010 was also discussed with a view to tie up the results achieved before progression into the new phase. Information on recent developments in the member states was shared. The possibility to develop further activities on a regional basis is very much appreciated by the co-ordinators and provides additional incentive for giving EDC/HRE a higher priority in the member states.

The coordinators expressed their appreciation of the work of Ms Viola Horska, organiser of the meeting, who announced her departure as an EDC/HRE coordinator, and wished her the best of success for her future activities. The complete report of the meeting will be prepared by Ms Simona Velea, EDC/HRE coordinator for Romania.