European Group on Ethics of science and new technologies (EGE)

On May 28, 2008 President Josť Manuel Barroso asked the European Group on Ethics of science and new technologies (EGE) to adopted an Opinion on the ethics of synthetic biology.

Press release

On November 18, the adopted (unanimously) the Opinion. In its Opinion the EGE identified a number of specific recommendations on synthetic biology, namely, inter alia: Safety; Environmental applications; Energy and sustainable chemical industry; Biomedicine and biopharmaceutical applications; Biosecurity; prevention of bioterrorism and dual use; Governance; Patenting and common heritage; Trade and global justice; Science and society dialogue; Research. Activities aimed to finalise this Opinion included: 11 EGE working meetings; a meeting, under the auspices of the Swedish Presidency, with the Forum of the EU27 National Ethics Councils (NEC Forum; clustering the Chairs of the EU 27 NECs) and a public Roundtable with stakeholders groups dealing with synthetic biology (70 participants including experts of the field, members of the National Ethics Councils (EU 27 Member States), consumer organisations, coordinators of EU funded projects on synthetic biology (SB), environment protection organisations, academics, religious groups, industries, NGOs, etc.). see and ethics/publications/docs/round_table_ethical_aspects_of_synthetic_biology.pdf