Organ and Tissue Transplantation

The Additional Protocol to the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, concerning Transplantation of Organs and Tissues of Human Origin contains general principles and specific provisions concerning transplantation. The Additional Protocol has been signed and ratified by a number of countries since its opening for signature on 24 January 2002 and is now in force.

[9 July 2014] At their 1205th meeting the Ministersí Deputies adopted the Statement by the Committee of Ministers on the prohibition of any form of commercialisation of human organs

[24 June 2014] A committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development. Total ban on any form of trading in human organs must stay. Press Release

The Council of Europe and the United Nations published a Joint study on trafficking in organs, tissues and cells and trafficking in human beings for the purpose of the removal of organs, which recommends that a new international Convention is needed to prevent trafficking in organs, tissues and cells (OTC), protect victims and prosecute offenders

The launching event. This new joint Council of Europe/United Nations publication was presented at a special launching event in the United Nations headquarters in New York on 13 October 2009 on the occasion of the 64th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. Link to the launching event

A small part of the wider problem. The study stresses that trafficking in human beings for the purpose of organ removal is a small part of the wider problem of trafficking in organs, tissues and cells (OTC) and highlights that there is widespread confusion in the legal and scientific communities between the two types of trafficking, which require different solutions.

Executive Summary of the Joint Study