Pestalozzi Summer school “Promoting Participation”

28 June – 6 July 2014
Video : Summer school for teachers

Developing Intercultural Competence through Education (Pestalozzi series n°3)

The current volume takes one step further towards the full integration of intercultural competences as a key competence within the education system. It aims at offering an educational rationale and...

What shows that you are interculturally competent?

The Intercultural Cities Programme and the Pestalozzi Programme are launching a new web application. Optimised for smartphones and tablets this tool will help you look at your intercultural...

The training activities of the Pestalozzi Programme for 2014 are online.

In cooperation with our partners in our member states we can offer a wide range of training opportunities for education professionals across Europe on and around the major aspects of education for...


The PESTALOZZI Programme is the Council of Europe programme for the professional development of teachers and education actors.


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