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The framework of the Summer School

Summer School in Germany: "Diversity of learners and diversity of teachers: learning together for a better future".

The Council of Europe Pestalozzi Programme Summer School 2016, in cooperation with the Academy of Bad Wildbad
Dates: 26 June – 3 July 2016 (arrival 25 June, departure 4 July)
Venue: Bad Wildbad, Germany
“Think globally, act locally”. It is commonplace today that the world has become a global village and that everything is interconnected - economy, environment, resources, politics. The recent dramatic increase of migration and refugees reflects this in all clarity. However, the current situation in Europe puts our inclusive democratic societies at risk. If the fear of newcomers mixed with populist oversimplification of security concerns gains the upper hand this may well lead to an increase of self-centredness, closing-in and eventually to more discrimination, prejudice, stigmatisation of certain groups, and thus to increased exclusion and nationalism. This presents a great educational challenge and day-to-day education practice has a significant and key role to play in countering such developments. [More information]

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Latest information: The invitations are sent to the selected international candidates by the Secretariat (week 19) and to the participants of the host country by the organisers: Do not make any travel arrangements before receiving the official invitation and follow the instructions of the rules forreimbursement which are sent together with the invitation


Due to unforeseen financial circumstances, the Olympia summer school must unfortunately be cancelled.  A decision on an event in 2017 will be made as soon as possible


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