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The first volume, "Teacher education for change", dealt with the underlying philosophy of the Pestalozzi Programme and its approach to education in general and teacher education in particular.



The second volume focused on Intercultural competence for all, looking at the various implications of promoting the development of intercultural competence as a main concern of mainstream education.



A Polish version is also available: A great thank-you to the Centre for Education Development, the Department for Social and Citizenship Competences Development at the CED and  to Olena Styslavska (editor and coordinator) and Elżbieta Gorazińska - (technical editor).

The third volume takes one step further towards the full integration of intercultural competences as a key competence within the education system. It aims at offering an educational rationale and conceptual framework for the development of intercultural competence, as well as a clear description of its constitutive elements to be developed in and through education.


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The PESTALOZZI Programme is the Council of Europe programme for the professional development of teachers and education actors.