8 November 2017 - 17.30-18.00 / Council of Europe Hemicycle

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Founder of Random-Sample Voting Project

United States of America

Widely recognised as the inventor of digital cash, he is also known for other fundamental innovations in cryptography, including privacy technology and secure election systems. With a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, he has taught at NYU Graduate School of Business and the University of California, led a number of breakthrough projects as well as founding the International Association for Cryptologic Research, the cryptography group at the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam, DigiCash (creator and issuer of eCash), the Voting Systems Institute, and the Perspectiva Fund. (see chaum.com)



CNRS Associate Research Professor, BETA (UMR 7522) and University of Strasbourg


Dealing with philosophy and economics, social choice theory or experimental economics applied to voting, the works of Herrade Igersheim aim to examine the concept of liberalism of freedom, which has been defined by John Rawls in 2000 and which amounts to giving priority to civic and political freedoms. Herrade Igersheim was a visiting scholar at Duke University (NC) in 2015/16, received the “Young Researcher Award” of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET) in 2016 and the award “Espoirs de l’Université de Strasbourg” in 2017.