Building a Europe for and with children

Parliamentary Assembly recommendations
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Recommendation 1985 (2011) Undocumented migrant children in an irregular situation: a real cause for concern
Recommendation 1980 (2011) Combating “child abuse images” through committed, transversal and internationally co-ordinated action
Recommendation 1978 (2011) Towards a European framework convention on youth rights
Recommendation 1969 (2011) Unaccompanied children in Europe: issues of arrival, stay and return
Recommendation 1966 (2011) Safeguarding children and young people from obesity and type 2 diabetes
Recommendation 1965 (2011) Education against violence at school
Recommendation 1939 (2010) Children without parental care: urgent need for action
Recommendation 1938 (2010) Guaranteeing the right to education for children with illnesses or disabilities
Recommendation 1915 (2010) Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity
Recommendation 1882 (2009) The promotion of Internet and online media services appropriate for minors
Recommendation 1872 (2009) on the rights of today's girls – the rights of tomorrow's women
Recommendation 1868 (2009) on action to combat gender-based human rights violations, including abduction of women and girls
Recommendation 1864 (2009) on promoting the particpation of children in decisions concerning them
Recommendation 1861 (2009) Feminicides
Recommendation 1849 (2008)for the promotion of a culture of democracy and human rights through teacher education
Recommendation 1844 (2008) on refreshing the youth agenda of the Council of Europe
Recommendation 1828 (2008): Disappearance of newborn babies for illegal adoption in Europe
Recommendation 1815 (2007): Prostitution - which stand to take?
Recommendation 1778 (2007) on child victims: stamping out all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse 
Recommendation 1703 (2005) on protection and assistance for separated children seeking asylum
Recommendation 1698 (2005) on the rights of children in institutions: follow up to recommendation 1601 (2003) of the Parliamentary Assembly
Recommendation 1666 (2004) on a Europe-wide ban on corporal punishment of children
Recommendation 1596 (2003) on the situation of young migrants in Europe
Recommendation 1632 (2003) on teenagers in distress: a social and health-based approach to youth malaise
Recommendation 1610 (2003) 1 on migration connected with trafficking in women and prostitution
Recommendation 1601 (2003) on improving the lot of abandoned children in institutions
Recommendation 1561(2002) on social measures for children of war in South-Eastern Europe
Recommendation 1555 (2002) on the image of women in the media
Recommendation 1551 (2002) on building a 21st century society with and for children: follow-up to the European strategy for Children (Recommendation 1286 (1996)
Recommendation 1545 (2002) on a campaign against trafficking in women
Recommendation 1532 (2001) on a dynamic social policy for children and adolescents in towns and cities
Recommendation 1526 (2001) on a campaign against trafficking in minors to put a stop to the east European route: the example of Moldova
Recommendation  1523 (2001) 1 on domestic slavery
Recommendation  1501 (2001) on parents and teachers' responsibilities in children's education
Recommendation 1467 (2000) on clandestine immigration and the fight against traffickers
Recommendation 1460 (2000) on setting up a European ombudsman for children
Recommendation 1450 (2000) on violence against women in Europe
Recommendation 1449 (2000) on clandestine migration from the south of the Mediterranean into Europe
Recommendation 1398 (1999) on the situation of children in Albania
Recommendation  1371 (1998) on abuse and neglect of children
Recommendation 1336 (1997)1 on combating child labour exploitation as a matter of priority
Recommendation 1325 (1997) on traffic in women and forced prostitution in Council of Europe member states
Recommendation 1286 (1996) on a European strategy for children
Recommendation  1121 (1990) on the rights of children
Recommendation 1065 (1987) on the traffic in children and other forms of child exploitation (Not in French)
Recommendation 963 (1983) on cultural and educational means of reducing violence (Not in French)