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Lanzarote Committee members visit Iceland's Children's House

31 May 2012: Several members of the Lanzarote Committee are conducting a 2-day study visit to Iceland on child-friendly and multidisciplinary responses to child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, to exchange views and practice with professionals that work with children. They will visit the Children's House, a interdisciplinary and multiagency approach which puts the best interest of the child at the heart of investigative procedures, thereby avoiding any secondary victimisation of the child.

During the course of their visit they will meet inter alia a court judge, prosecutors, members of the police force, child protection services and medical professionals.

The Lanzarote Committee is mandated to monitor implementation of the Lanzarote Convention and to facilitate the collection, analysis and exchange of information, experiences and good practices between States to improve their capacity to prevent and combat sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children.

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