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Европейская конвенция о передаче судопроизводства по уголовным делам
Название Европейская конвенция о передаче судопроизводства по уголовным делам
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Открытия Договора Страсбург, 15/05/1972  - Договор, открытый подписи стран членов и вступлении стран которые не являются членами
Вступление в силу 30/03/1978  - 3 ратификации.

Under this Convention any Party may request another Party to take proceedings against a suspected person in its stead.

Such a request may be made: if the suspected person is normally resident in the requested State or if he/she is a national of that State; if he/she is to serve a prison sentence or face other proceedings in that State; if the transfer of proceedings is warranted in the interests of a fair trial or if the enforcement in the requested State of a sentence, if one were passed, is likely to improve the prospects of his/her social rehabilitation.

The requested State may not refuse acceptance of the request except in specific cases and in particular if it considers that the offence is of a political nature or that the request is based on considerations of race, religion or nationality.

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