Read first

Before viewing, click here to read introductions of the four young people you will meet in the video.

Both the film and the photographs in this activity have been used with kind permission of Ben, Sarah, Shirleny and Marcos.


Have you ever been in a situation where ...

  • You have stood out as different from everyone else?
  • You have felt socially isolated from those around you because of cultural differences?
  • You and someone close to you viewed the same thing quite differently because of cultural differences - including gender and generational differences?

How did you respond to the situation? How did the other person or people respond? Consider feelings, thoughts and actions.

Watch and consider

As you watch the video, consider the points below. You will not find every point covered in each account.

  • 1. The differences between the interviewees and the people they describe in their encounters
  • 2. What the interviewees say about the way they believe other people perceive them
  • 3. Their experience of being in an environment in which they stand out as different from most of the others
  • 4. Their experience of being in a multicultural environment
  • 5. The strategies they use to respond to cultural difference
  • 6. How their self-perception is changed through the intercultural encounter