In Module 1 Activity 3 (The 'Who I am' section of the AIE) you briefly met Imad, a student of Public Health and Development Sciences. In this activity you read further excerpts from his AIE and, by way of practising your grasp of the AIE's organisation and flow, you match them to the section headings.


>> Download Imad's jumbled AIE here.

For the activity purposes it has been put into a simplified tabular format. Read through Imad's reflections on his encounter and put it in the correct order.

When you have finished, >> download the solution here

>> You can also see the solution in its original AIE format here

© Knut Skjærven


Imad's AIE is a model in so far as he has responded to each of the sections, even though he has not responded to each of the questions and prompts in each section. Note that AIE users do not have to answer all the questions or prompts and they can write as much or as little as they like in a section. In practice, we find that AIE users do not even necessarily respond to the sections in the order they are presented. They sometimes write their response in a place reserved for something quite different, skip sections altogether or return to earlier sections later. In the final activity we look at how you, the teacher, can respond to this flexibly.


When you filled in your own AIE, did you complete it in the suggested order or in its entirety? Did you leave out any questions? Did you loop back to sections you had started earlier? What effect do you think this may have had on the learning process?