Illustration - Working with this course. Online self-study course for educators working with the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE).Course structure

This course is composed of an introduction, seven modules and a supporting glossary of key terms. You are in the introduction now, where you will find background information about the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE), about the course and how it is structured. In the modules you learn how to work with the AIE.

Module structure

There are seven modules in total. Each module is composed of an introductory page, three or four activities and a concluding reflection on learning. If you are new to the AIE, we recommend you work through the modules in the given order. You can, however, revisit modules at any time.

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Activity structure

Each activity is presented in two steps. The introductory page describes the rationale and the objectives of the activity. The second step is the activity itself, with input, tasks and commentary. You may like to keep a journal to record your ideas and reflections as you work through the activities.


Throughout the course you are supported by an alphabetical  glossary of concepts and terminology that are important for understanding the theoretical framework of the AIE. Key words that are highlighted in the introduction to each activity are explained in the glossary.

Facilitator comments and tips
Although this is a self-study resource, you are not on your own. Facilitator commentaries and tips guide you throughout the course.