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Form to Request Council of Europe
Secretary General's Patronage

The Secretary General's patronage is non-material support which may be granted to any non-profit event which has a European dimension and is of clear political importance to the Council of Europe's activities or objectives. A limited number of events will be granted the Secretary General's patronage each year. No financial undertaking is linked to the granting of patronage, as the Council of Europe has no budgetary resources beyond those which are used to implement its intergovernmental work programme.
Requests must be submitted no later than 3 months before the event.
General information on the organiser:
 (public authorities, public institution, civil-society body…)
Phone, Fax
Person in charge

Have you already been in contact or worked in co-operation with other Council of Europe departments? If yes, please specify:

Information on the event:
The event must be unique, of limited duration and non profit-making. Examples of such events include: conferences, colloquies, seminars, summer universities, prize, competition, festival, specialist fairs or shows. This definition excludes projects, research, classes (education), and campaigns, as well as the setting up of a political party, association or media
The event must be of direct relevance to the Council of Europe’s current priorities as reflected in its programme of activities and must also help to raise public awareness of the Organisation’s objectives. Describe how the event meets these criteria.
European significance of the event:
The event must have a European dimension, that either involves, in reasonable proportionate number, nationals of at least five Council of Europe member countries, or be held simultaneously in at least five Council of Europe member countries.
Describe how the event meets this criteria?

Visibility of the patronage:

On which communication material will the patronage and the logo of the Council of Europe be mentioned?

Has the patronage of the Council of Europe been granted to you in the past?
If yes, please specify:


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