20th edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival

This international cultural event, held for the first time in 1995 at the height of the siege of the Bosnian capital, seeks to support and further regional cinema and authors. It will run from 15 to 23 August 2014. 

Short and full-length films by young directors from Eastern and Southern Europe are screened at the Festival, together with independent productions. The festival is a professional platform for the seventh art in a region where the Council of Europe is very active. The issues addressed by the contending works quite often tie in with the values upheld by the Organisation. Many are furthermore co-financed by the Council of Europe's Eurimages support fund for European cinema.

The Council of Europe reiterates its support to the Sarajevo Film Festival and will organise different activities besides screenings.

Best feature film award

SONG OF MY MOTHER  (co-production between Turkey, France and Germany) by Turkish Director Errol Mintaş wins the Council of Europe sponsored award “Heart of Sarajevo” for the best feature film  at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival. In addition its lead actor, Feyyaz Duman, won the best actor award.

The film tells the intimate story of an aging mother and her son who are forced to move out of their adopted neighbourhood of Tarlabaşı in İstanbul due to a gentrification project.

The jury very much appreciated “the courageous simplicity, the pure cinematic language, the choice to show the daily life in a manner that makes us understand and love the characters…”

Screening of the Council of Europe spots prior to each movie:

“Living together”
Venue: Open Air Cinema

“No Hate Speech Online”
Venue: Teen Arena

Public Debate: Hate Speech online: How do we respond? What do we do?

Date: Thursday 21 August 2014 – 15.00 to 17.00 hrs
Venue: Festival Square

Debate on a Council of Europe youth campaign for equality, dignity, human rights and diversity on the Internet.

The campaign is against the expressions of hate speech online in all its forms, including those that most affect young people, such as forms of cyber-bullying and cyber-hate. The campaign is based upon human rights education, youth participation and media literacy. It aims at reducing hate speech and at combating racism and discrimination in their online expression.

Round-table with:
Aleksandra Matić, No Hate Speech coordinator for BH-from RS
Mirela Geko, NGO “Motus Adulescenti”-
Aldijana Alic, President European Law Students Association for BH
Stefan Pejović, CoE Regional project “Enhancement of the freedom of expression and information and freedom of the press in Southeast Europe“, Project Officer
Mary-Ann Hennessey, Head of the Council of Europe’s office in Sarajevo.

Exhibition on the 60th anniversary of the European Cultural Convention
“Culture: Hear and Soul of Democracy”

Date: during the whole Festival
Venue: Festival  Center

60 years of cultural democracy
Culture plays a key part in understanding other people and respecting diversity.  That is why the Council of Europe in 1954 adopted the European Cultural Convention, which organises co-operation throughout Europe in the areas of culture, education, youth, sport, languages and the transmission of common values.
The aim of this exhibition is to give you an insight into what the Council of Europe does in these areas and how its action helps to strengthen democracy and human rights all over Europe and beyond. [Bosnian version]