Sponsored by the Council of Europe’s Roma and Travellers Team

20 November 2018 - 14.30-16.30 - Lobby of the Committee of Ministers - english only

Balanced participation and representation of women and men in public and political life, in public institutions, and among elected officials can be achieved if men feel engaged and work side by side with women in denouncing and breaking harmful cultural norms and practices.

In this Lab we will use the innovative LEGO® SERIOS PLAY® method to explore the unconscious assumptions that influence the behaviour of men and women. The method was created to enhance development and innovation by actually constructing purpose, vision, identity and goals. We will specifically work on identifying harmful cultural norms and practices as well as institutional, structural and legal barriers that hinder equal political participation of women of ethnic minorities, including from Roma and Traveller communities. We will conclude by building ideas/actions, individually and in teams, to remove or denounce the barriers identified.


Discussants are invited to take part in the Labs in order to share their experience with the presented democratic initiatives and try to bring broader perspectives to the following discussions.



Former member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, journalist

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ms. Ismeta Dervoz is a former politician and since 2015 in retirement. She is a prominent activists and recognised independent expert in the field of women rights, non-discrimination and equality. As a member of the Delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH in the PACE Ms. Dervoz served as the first deputy chair of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination. Launched the initiative and advocated in favour of BiH and other Western Balkans countries signing and ratifying the Istanbul Convention (CAHVIO). Ms. Dervoz currently cooperates with COE and several non-governmental organisations active in the fields of women rights, with particular interest for empowerment of women in political and public life. Ms. Dervoz was awarded by the Charter of International League of Humanists for her work in the period during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Chair, EBU Roma Task Force Group and CEO of Radio Patrin


Lego Facilitators
FOUBERT Veronica

Veronica FOUBERT

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified facilitator

Veronica is passionate about active learning, facilitation and creating safe learning environments. She designs and conducts training and learning processes. She holds a degree in International Relations and specialized in adult learning through her work in Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia focusing on quality and accountability standards, training of trainers and collaborative approaches.



Business coach

Michel is working as a business coach, focusing on innovation and development of companies and people. He is both a trainer and facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, stimulating people to create ‘new eyes’ to look at challenges they are facing in their organization or jobs. He loves initiating new positive ways of looking at problems to be solved. In his professional life he works as an HR Leader, lecturer, coach and business consultant in research organizations and business environments.


Managing Partner in Trivium

Kåre is Managing Partner in Trivium - a global leader in executing the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology. He focuses on change/development within strategy, business development and strategic relations. He has served as an executive adviser on strategy, organizational development and stakeholder management.

ALBERT Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn ALBERT

Human rights activist, researcher and translator, journalist at Romea.cz

Czech Republic

Gwendolyn Albert is a human rights activist who is an ally of the Romani minority. For more than a decade she has been communicating information to the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the OSCE and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights about issues affecting this minority in Europe (mainly on dignified remembrance of Romani Holocaust victims, discrimination against Romani children in education, and the forced sterilization of Romani women). Since 2004 she has collaborated with civil society organizations both domestically in the Czech Republic and internationally on a broad range of human rights issues, including cost-free access to legal aid, how to re-educate domestic violence perpetrators, and safeguarding the rights of asylum seekers.



Roma and Travellers Team, Council of Europe

LAB 13 - Women’s diversity: what are the interests of women of ethnic minorities and who represents them?
Palais de l'Europe - lobby of the committee of ministers 20 November 2018 - 14.30-16.30
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