February's Forum talk

THURSDAY, 18 FEBRUARY 2021 - 4.30-5.30 PM (CET)

Natural disasters ​have become a regular f​eature of our weather. Climate change has been a key factor in increasing the risk and extent of wildfires, severe rainstorms, floods and other "natural" disasters. If once we believed that ​a severe climate crisis awaits us some​time in the future, we can now observe it happening in front of our eyes. ​The recent glacier ​catastrosphe in India was a reminder that we have to act now in order to prevent ​more such severe natural disasters in the future. How to combat ​dangerous coastal erosion?​ How to reduce the negative impacts of wildfires on the environment and humanity? How to raise awareness on these issues among civil society? Those are some of the topics we will touch upon in the Forum Talk “The impact of climate change on natural disasters”. The long-term impacts of natural disasters ​include loss of natural resources, ​release of further greenhouse gasses, threaten​ed livelihoods and communities ​forced to leave their homes ​. Climate migration is ​becoming a global challenge that will be addressed in February’s ​second forum talk.


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