9 November 2017 / 11.00-16.00 - Palais de l’Europe, Lobby of the Committee of Ministers

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Throughout history, the different concepts of power, democracy, rule of law have been embodied by symbolic landmarks acting as an anchor in the mind of the citizens. This has been the case for Parliaments evoking the idea of deliberative democracy, Courts representing the idea of Justice, Rights and the Rule of Law, as well as other monuments. So it goes that, if participatory democracy wants to secure its space in minds and hearts, it should have its own landmark.

The aim of this design session is, therefore, to create, through a collaborative process involving all the participants to the WFD, a blueprint of how the ideal temple of participatory democracy would be. The blueprint would represent the “idea” of participatory democracy and its symbolic anchor in everyday life. It would lay the basis for the construction of different examples in every city on the basis of specific architectonic styles, space constraints and other local regulations and considerations.

Participants are encouraged to come prepared with conceptual and design ideas and even sketches and/or initial models.

Facilitators Facilitators


Architect, City Planner and Professor at Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem


Prof. and Arch. Zeev Druckman is a leading practicing architect, city planner and professor in Israel. After a long term career as Regional Chief Architect at the Ministry of Building and lecturing at the Haifa Technion Architecture and City Planning faculty, Prof. Druckman was appointed Head of the Architecture faculty for 12 years at the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. He later established there the Masters for Urban Design and was Head of this program for 6 years. He is the Israeli representative at the International Union of Architects (UIA) and lectures at architecture and city planning faculties around the world.



Democratic Engagement Officer at The Democratic Society

United Kingdom

Kelly joined The Democratic Society in March 2015 as a Democratic Engagement Officer and is currently based in the Brussels office. Kelly has a decade’s experience designing and facilitating deliberative events, having facilitated conversations on complex issues such as social and economic regeneration for national and local government, public bodies and community groups. Previously, Kelly was President at the University of Sussex Students’ Union for two years, where projects included developing structures for democratic participation, governance and community engagement.



Urban Designer


From Ottawa Canada, specializes in experimental social orientated urban design. Projects include: Participatory mapping of urban heritage and human assets for activating communities (for the Council of Europe); Urban play for activating neighborhoods and cities (for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa); Social housing renewal in Jerusalem without evacuation or gentrification (presented in the parliament and won awards). Rennen has a multidisciplinary career – Air Force Fighter Pilot; CEO and Board Member of corporates; Product Designer (hand crafted furniture featured in 2013 at the international "Maison & Objet" Design Fair in Paris).  Academic background – B.Sc. in Engineering, Tel Aviv U; MBA from INSEAD Fontainebleau; Masters in Urban Design from Bezalel, Jerusalem.  

Design Session:  L'Ososphère introduces voxpopuli.radio

A workshop initiated by L'Ososphère to build a urban and radio programme questionning the processes of democracy in times of populism. In collaboration with Radio en construction and the World Forum for Democracy, the art compagny Des châteaux en l'air and the Conversons group, formed by architects, artistes and specialists of the public spaces and democratic debates.This workshop is open to all the participants of the World Forum for Democracy and will end with a participatory performance at 4.30 pm in the Lobby of the Committee of Ministers.

All day long, we will build up a live and in situ space and webradio, experimenting with cardboard bricks and a webradio broadcast. This time dedicated to a collective experiment aims to model the hypothesis of an urban and radio object, open to conversation and public debate around these questions.

According to you, what is « the people » ? Who is « the people » ? Which « people » are we ?

This workshop and its radio translation acts like a sort of sluice between the city and the World Forum for Democracy, a space for the representation of ideas, an open widow on the city. It is a processing space which allows the City to enter the Forum and the Forum to be heard above its own walls.

You have a singular and committed approach of democratic issues, you think that a better definition of concepts as « populism » could help to engage more indivual and collectifve responsibilities: come and share your expertise, experience and insights with us for a few minutes, an hour or more.

Your contributions will allow the modelling of a performance through a participatory artistic performance at 4.30 pm with Des châteaux en l’air company and the Conversons group. This day of common experiment will also enrich the work of L’Ososphère and Radio en construction through their programme of « Cafés Conversatoires », which will continue regular public conversations around the buidling of the cities in Strasbourg’s public space – the city being the perfect scale to for the making of our societies. 

You can't be on the sport but you want to participate : Send us your images, thoughts, sounds concerning the people and populism via the hashtag #VoxPopuli on twitter and we will happily include your contritbution in our performance.

  Listen to Voxpopuli.radio