25 June 2021, 5.00-7.00 p.m. CET


Livestreamed and spoken in Italian


Ecomusei di Italia

 Short explanation:

The intangible heritage of a population is made up of traditions and activities that have been handed down over the centuries.

Each Ecomuseum recognizes and teaches to recognize the heritage of a territory to the local population, in particular to the younger generations.

It stimulates people to appreciate, protect, manage and transmit their own cultural traditions.

It teaches that the environment and the planet are the main common goods to take care of.

The perception that people have of the landscape where they live is transmitted as a value in front of the communes


  • Adriana Stefani coordinatrice - Rete ecomusei del trentino
  • Rosario Acquaviva – Ecomuseo di Buscemi SR
  • Elisa Arecco – Ecomuseo di Cascina Moglioni AL
  • Edo Bricchetti – Ecomuseo Valle Spluga – MI
  • Giuseppe Pidello – Ecomuseo Valle Elvo BI
  • Antonella Nonnis e Elena Tartari – Ecomuseo della Valle dell’Aso FM

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