World Forum for Democracy: Programme of the 2nd day

World Forum for Democracy: Programme of the 2nd day

Thirteen “lab” sessions, which will address the challenges from different angles and present some measures which have already been implemented, will help to identify a democratic response to the issues raised throughout the Forum.

Various roundtables will also take place on:

  • Artificial Intelligence and gender (in-) equality
  • Do more films by women mean more women’s films?
  • Women and migration
  • Has democracy failed women? New democratic practices and women’s participation
  • Taking action against violence against women and girls
  • National policy approaches to achieving gender equality
  • Feminist investigative journalism
  • Faith and Feminism – Can women gain greater power in religious communities?

Storytellings will close the day with two storie . One story falls under the theme of “Women's professional leadership in a religious setting” and the other under the theme of “discrimination and violence.”