Campaign "12 Months, 1 Question": February 2021

Disasters, displacement and climate change

Disasters related to climate change are creating a new reality endangering many communities around the world. In 2009, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recognized that “Environmentally induced migration and displacement (is) a 21st-century challenge”. In the past decade, several institutional actors have come to recognize the magnitude of the problem and the need to address it as a human rights imperative.

In the month of February, we are going to explore this issue from several perspectives. How can States support and protect vulnerable populations ? What possibilities for solving this problem are emerging from the international arena? What lessons can be learned from grassroots initiatives that are already dealing with these problems? How can public authorities and civil society engage in effective prevention or mitigation of dangers to human and non-human populations caused by extreme weather and precarious environmental conditions?

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