Final report - Module : Strengthening Education for Democracy (STED)


The final report of the trainer training course "Strenghtening Education for Democracy" is now available online. This training course was organised by the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe in partnership with the Competences for Democratic Culture project (CDC).

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The report of the fifth Summer School now online


The topic of this year's Summer School was "Competences for a democratic culture: from onlookers to engaged and active citizens" and the main focus was on how teachers can best promote a democratic culture in their classrooms. To find out more, read the full report here.

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Pestalozzi series N°1Greek version available


The Pestalozzi series N°1 is now available in Greek! Many thanks to Vivian Chiona and the members of the Greek Pestalozzi Network for their valuable contribution! This version is the outcome of several years of work on this project and as such we hope you find it useful. This first volume of our...

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Pestalozzi series N°3 Greek version available

31/07/ 2017

Thanks to the commitment of members of the Pestalozzi Programme Community of Practice the translations into other languages of our publications advance. Pestalozzi series N°3 now has a Greek version through the support of Anna-Maria Panagiotidou, Barbara Koziori, Thanos Savvidis, Pertsinidou...

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Public report - Pedagogy for Democracy and Human Rights

23/05/2017 Fuerteventura, Spain

Practitioners from different European countries (Armenia, France, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, and Spain) gathered in Fuerteventua at the begining of April to discuss approaches to teaching about democracy and human rights. The workshop, organised in partnership with SEPIE...

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Public report - Multiperspectivity in history teaching - Romania


Teachers from Romania, Cyprus, Serbia, Greece, Italy and Sweden met in Bacau, Romania to work for three days (27 to 31 March) during this European workshop organised in the framework of the Pestalozzi Programme. Exchanges of experiences, analysys of teaching pratices, online networking around the...

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Workshops News


France: Parent-school cooperation for an inclusive quality education - Deadline for application: 15/03/2017 [more] Hungary: Council of Europe standards enriching teacher education in Europe. Dates: 22-24 June 2017 [More]

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Summer School - Online Course book 2017


Discover the individual course offer for the Summer School of the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe on the topic “Competences for a democratic culture: from onlookers to engaged and active citizens” Summer School page with Course book 2017

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A qualitative study in Norway

TASKs for Democracy: does it work in practice?


6 future teachers set out to assess how the teaching resource of the Pestalozzi Programme TASKs for Democracy, aimed at strengthening education for democracy, works in practice. What effect does it have on the learning outcomes of pupils, and how can it be used as a productive tool in all...

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Creating an online community of action researchers

headline 31/01/2017

Practitioners from different parts of Europe gather in the Pestalozzi Programme community of practice and set out to learn how to become action researchers. While many books focus on how to carry this out, this publication is action research in action. In addition, it features examples of how...

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