Engaging internally displaced persons in participatory budgeting

Municipality: Sievierodonetsk
Oblast: Luhansk
Population: 112,950 
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This initiative aims to support a greater integration of all community members in public debates, with a special focus on IDPs, making sure that all residents contribute to local decisions and participate as full-fledged members of the community.

IDPs are included in the preparation phase of the projects to be submitted to the participatory budget of Sievierodonetsk. IDPs are encouraged to participate in the Co-ordination Council on the said budget and benefit from workshops on project management and budgeting to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience.

Sievierodonetsk has been conducting participatory budgeting since 2017 and has increased the overall budget allocated to the scheme for 2020-2022.

Stakeholders: City Council; Department of Economic Development; Financial Department; Co-ordination Council on Participatory Budgeting; public organisation “Severodonetsk Community Development Agency”; representatives of the displaced East Ukrainian National University; Youth Parliament.


International and national consultants providing direct expert support to participating municipalities, per topic of initiative

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