Online training of trainers to prevent and combat sexual violence against children – "KIKO and the HAND. "Protective Teachers, Protected Children”

Kyiv, Ukraine 29 September 2021
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Online training of trainers to prevent and combat sexual violence against children –

The Council of Europe project "Combating violence against children in Ukraine" continues its efforts on the implementation of innovative educational approaches to empower children and adults with knowledge and tools on preventing and combating sexual violence against children. Building on the “Kiko and the Handbooklet, a training manual had been developed for preschool and school professionals  working with children aged 3-6 to identify and report sexual exploitation and abuse.

The manual has been translated and adapted for use in the Ukrainian institutions within the framework of the Project "Combating violence against children in Ukraine". In June 2021, the project held a methodological online workshop "Protective Teachers - Protected Children" where participants got acquainted with the Council of Europe methodological manual "Kiko and the Hand" and the general methodology for conducting educational activities using Council of Europe approaches to preventing sexual violence against children through effective detection and reporting.

Between 22-24 September 2021, the project "Combating violence against children in Ukraine" organized the next stage of training for trainers with the involvement of an international expert – the author of the training manual "Kiko and the Hand. Protective Teachers, Protected Children: Preschool Training to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse". During the online training, participants increased their knowledge on the application of the "Kiko and the Hand" methodology, took on the role of training program facilitators, received practical advice from national and international experts, and had the opportunity to share their own experience with colleagues from different parts of Ukraine. As a result of the activity, the participants have been trained to facilitate sessions on the basis of “Kiko and the Hand” tools for other peer educators.

In particular, the following aspects were examined during the training:

  • Methodology of facilitating sessions about violence, maltreatment, and sexual abuse;
  • Myths and realities about the facilitation of sessions about violence, maltreatment, and child sexual abuse;
  • Detection and identification of cases of child sexual abuse;
  • Algorithm for implementing classes in educational institutions;
  • Preparing parents to participate in training sessions using the "Kiko and the Hand" manual.


We thank the trainers-facilitators of the workshop: international expert of the Council of Europe Javier Romeo Biedma - author of the methodological manual "Kiko and the Hand. Protective Teachers, Protected Children", and national experts of the Council of Europe, Olena Nahula - candidate of psychological sciences and Tetiana Tsiuman - candidate of pedagogical sciences.

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