Co-operation with National Human Rights Structures 

National Human Rights Structures (Ombudsmen and National Human Rights Institutions) are key actors for the protection and promotion of human rights and the rule of law.

For this reason, the Commissioner for Human Rights is gradually developing an effective co-operation system with them, to foster the implementation of European human rights standards, in conformity with his mandate and other Council of Europe instruments.

A concrete alliance

While respecting the independence of all those involved, the co-operation aims to establish a continuous exchange of relevant information in order to improve reciprocal and common actions and to share information about successful practices. Partners of this network are national, regional, local or thematic institutions which comply with the Paris Principles and abide by the Council of Europe's values.

The Commissioner defends his partners' independence, facilitates their activities in the field of human rights, and supports their empowerment. Where such human rights structures do not exist, the Commissioner offers technical assistance to establish them. He also promotes consultation within the network by regular round tables and ad hoc meetings.

Co-operation with National Human Rights Structures