Standing Conference of Ministers of Education

Sub-theme B: Ethics and integrity in education (with special focus on the ethical behaviour of teachers and the integrity of higher education and research

The principles of respect for law, integrity and fair competition should be the fundamentals of the functioning of every education system.

The second sub-theme entitled “Ethical behaviour and integrity in education” will take as its starting point the assumption that a quality education (as defined by the CoE) cannot take place in undemocratic institutions where the rights of major stakeholders (students, teachers, parents) are not taken into account, where the principles mentioned above are not the rule and where staff is not committed towards the teaching profession.

Lack of integrity and unethical behaviour are not consistent with one of the main the missions of education: forming responsible citizens respectful of law and human rights. Furthermore, with increased student mobility in Europe today, the ministers could also examine the proliferation of cases of fraud and corruption in higher education and research as well as in distance higher education.