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Summer School* 2014 “Promoting Participation” 28 June – 6 July 2014 -
In cooperation with the Academy of Bad Wildbad

Latest information: The online registration process for the summer school is completed.
Dear Applicants, We would like to thank you all for your interest in our Summer School. You were about 600 to register but there were only 70 places. As you know, the selection process has three phases: 1) your employer/superior and 2) your National Liaison Officer and 3) the Pestalozzi Programme as the organiser of the Summer School. We do not know all the criteria applied by your employers and by your NLOs but they are certainly adapted to the context in the different countries. The Pestalozzi Programme tried to ensure a balanced representation of participants mainly based on professional background and profile, geographical spread, gender balance, language competence, motivation and potential for further dissemination. You can imagine that this is a complex process taking into account many different elements. We do hope that you will follow the Summer School via social media (facebook/twitter) and that you will join us in another training activity of the Pestalozzi Programme in future.


The Summer School is open for different types of practitioners in education up to a total capacity of about 70-80 places.
The Summer School is free of charge and the organisers will cover related travel and subsistence costs for participants.
The completion of the training will be certified on the basis of workload and learning outcomes.

  • Commitment: Participants commit to actively participate throughout the full duration of the programme, to report on the Summer School and to undertake appropriate action to further disseminate the outcomes in their professional context.
  • The Summer School will deal with the different aspects of the theme “Promoting participation”. It will look at the diverse issues of participation in social, cultural, political and economic life, etc. and in particular at what school, and teachers and educators, can do to promote the development of the attitudes, skills and knowledge which are necessary to be able to fully participate in life in a democratic society. Pedagogical and methodological issues will also be addressed throughout such as cooperative learning for democratic education, innovation and creativity, fostering motivation and curiosity, education for personal development and the multiple purposes of education, the role of teachers and schools for democratic societies, etc.
    Participants will have the possibility to choose their personalised learning curriculum from a range of offers. Common activities throughout the eight days will allow participants to work together as a whole group, to learn together and to exchange ideas and experiences.
    A public round table discussion on the topic “Social media as new forms of participation: which role for schools?” will offer an opportunity to address and reflect on an important educational issue and to interact with a wide variety of interested professionals.

  • Rollup here of this round table and flyer here
  • You can follow this summer school via facebook here.

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