Intercultural matters
This part of our web site is dedicated to aspects of intercultural understanding and education

The Pestalozzi Programme organises and runs training activities on key concerns of the Council of Europe in the field of education such as education for democratic citizenship, human rights, multiperspectivity in history education, media literacy, etc. for education professionals from the 50 countries of the European Cultural Convention. It also supports an online Community of Practice. The promotion of intercultural understanding is central to each training activity, whatever the specific topic being dealt with.

Here are some of the major outcomes of our work with regard to mutual, intercultural understanding.

Rules of communication

You also agree to communicate in a respectful and constructive manner with the other members of the community coming from a diversity of countries, from a diversity of socio-cultural and economic contexts in Europe and beyond. Mutual understanding is at the heart of our work, so we invite you to:

Who we are?
The PESTALOZZI Programme is the Council of Europe programme for the professional development of teachers and education actors.

What we do
How to participate?
The training activities of the Pestalozzi Programme are open to all education professionals in Europe.