The module series on the prevention of crimes against humanity started in 2009. It was the sixth series of the trainer training scheme of the Pestalozzi Programme and was planned to last until spring/summer 2010. The first module (Module A) took place in Strasbourg at the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe and the second module (Module B) in Cracow, Poland, with the support of the Polish Ministry of Education. The five phases of the module series were coordinated by a team of facilitators – Mr Pierre Hella, Belgium, Mr Piotr Trojanski, Poland - led by Mr Richard Harris, UK. The coordination of the methodological approach was carried out by the General Rapporteur, Ms Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard in close collaboration with the Secretariat. The training units, edited by Mr Richard Harris, Mr Pierre Hella and Mr Piotr Trojanski, are now available for interested teachers and teacher trainers to try them out, to adapt them and further develop them. The Pestalozzi Programme would appreciate feedback on the available resources, including further resources developed on the basis of the model in its online collection.

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Education for the prevention of crimes against humanity, 2009/2010 (PREV)

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Title: Training Teachers to Prevent Child Abuse

  • Author: Ismail ACUN - Turkey
  • Editor: Piotr Trojanski

Title: What are the opportunities for education for the prevention of crimes against humanity in the primary school context?

  • Author: Charlot Cassar - Malta
  • Editor: Richard Harris

Title Writing as a means of educating for the prevention of crimes against humanity

  • Author: Anne B. Reinertsen – Norway
  • Editor: Richard Harris

Title: Crimes against humanity during the COLD WAR

  • Author: Biljana Stojanovic - Republic of Serbia
  • Editor: Piotr Trojanski

Title How to teach for the prevention of crimes against humanity in the historical context with using documents and personal stories

  • Author: Ingrida Vilkiene - Lithuania
  • Editor: Piotr Trojanski

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