The module series the Diversity of world views and world knowledge started in 2010. It was the eighth series of the trainer training scheme of the Pestalozzi Programme and was planned to last until spring/summer 2011. The first module (Module A) took place in Strasbourg at the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe and the second module (Module B) in Graz, Austria with the support of the Austrian Ministry of Education. The five phases of the module series were coordinated by a team of facilitators – Mr Liutauras Degesys, Lithuania, Ms Susana Gonçalves, Portugal - led by Mr Angelos Vallianatos, Greece. The coordination of the methodological approach was carried out by the General Rapporteur, Ms Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard in close collaboration with the Secretariat. The training units, edited by Ms Olga Ferreira with the support of Ms Cyrielle Poiraud, are now available for interested teachers and teacher trainers to try them out, to adapt them and further develop them. The Pestalozzi Programme would appreciate feedback on the available resources, including further resources developed on the basis of the model in its online collection.

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Diversity of World Views and World Knowledge in the Classroom, 2010/2011 (VIEWS)

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Title: Confrontation of World Views on the Issue of Homosexuality

  • Author: Angeliki Aroni - Greece
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Inclusion: What are teachers’ attitudes/feelings towards their mixed-ability students?

  • Author: Claire Azzopardi - Malta
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Diversity and Evolution

  • Author: Daniela Beuran - Romania
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Can the Law Destroy/ Protect Our World Views?

  • Author: Mindaugas Broga - Lithuania
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: World views in the classroom A practice with Leo the African

  • Author: Francisca Colomer Pellicer - Spain
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Respect and Tolerance are born in the Classroom

  • Author: Zsuzsanna Czene - Hungary
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Challenging diverse world views about social issues

  • Author: Marianna Fokaidou - Cyprus
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: "One, not the same”, Personal Differences and Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

  • Author: Irine Ghviniashvili - Georgia
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Perception of the self and others

  • Author: Csilla Hos - Hungary
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: In 80 gestures around the world

  • Author: Indra Kalnina - Latvia
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: The Future Puzzle

  • Author: Irene Katzensteiner - Austria
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Dialogue as pedagogical competence to promote the diversity of world views and world knowledge in the classroom

  • Author: Eusébio André Machado - Portugal
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: World views and mass media in the classroom

  • Author: Cristina Palagniuc - Moldova
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Understanding diversity of world views – A challenge to grow

  • Author: Jana Stará – Czech Republic
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Auto ethnography as a tool for self-reflection

  • Author: Karmen Trasberg - Estonia
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: We and they?

  • Author: Maryana Trifan - Ukraine
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Analysing commercials: on what kind of world views the advertising industry is feeding us?

  • Author: Marko van den Berg - Finland
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: Are Turkish men machos? Stereotypes in multicultural contexts

  • Author: Helmut Wagner – Austria
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

Title: People in a Changing World - Dimensions of world views

  • Author: Vilija Zeliankiene - Lithuania
  • Editor: Olga Ferreira

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