Pestalozzi series

Intercultural competence for all - Preparation for living in a heterogeneous world (Pestalozzi series n2) (2012)

Education which helps citizens live together in our diverse societies is a matter of urgency. We all need to develop the ability to understand each other across all types of cultural barriers; this is a fundamental prerequisite for making our diverse democratic societies work.

This publication looks at the development of intercultural competence as a key element of mainstream education. It stresses the need firstly for an appropriate education policy which puts intercultural competence at the heart of all education and, above all, for the development, on an everyday basis, of the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge needed for mutual understanding. Without these, no sustainable societal change is possible.

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Teacher Education for Change - The theory behind the Council of Europe Pestalozzi Programme

The Pestalozzi Programme published the first volume in its newly created series of publications in May 2011. The book is entitled "Teacher Education for Change - The theory behind the Council of Europe Pestalozzi Programme" and it has a two-fold purpose: First it seeks to contribute to a necessary discussion on the values underlying educational practice in general and teacher education in particular. Secondly it offers a sound theoretical basis for the Council of Europe training programme for education professionals.

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Teaching and training resources

The Pestalozzi Programme bases its work on the standards and reference texts of the Council of Europe, such as recommandations and conventions. It also produces training and teaching resources.
You will find in this section the relevant reference texts and publications as well as the pedagogical resources and reports that result from the various training activities.



On this page you will find links to related sites, both international and national, as well as to training institutions.

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About the Pestalozzi Programme

In 1969 the Council of Europe has set up a training programme for education professionals of primary and secondary schools. This programme, which in 2005 has taken the name “Pestalozzi Programme”, follows the organisations’ core values. The different courses comply to the priority projects of the Council of Europe.
In this section you can find key documents on the programme itself.

Interested education professionals can participate in any training activity of the Pestalozzi programme by applying through their National Liaison Officer.