130th European Seminar:
ES130-New media-Team

„ Young people’s practices of new media (Web 2.0) “

Academy of Bad Wildbad (Germany), 2 to 6 May 2011




    The new media environment (web 2.0) marks a fundamental change in children’s and teenagers’ every-day-lives. Young people use tools such as social networks, blogs, mobile phones, search machines, converging media (video, images,text), etc. without necessarily drawing on their full potential and without full awareness of the implications for human rights and dignity. At the same time schooling and education lag seriously behind and do not manage to integrate these practices in their educational practice with an educational goal.

    The training (intended for secondary teachers of all subjects) will focus on the potential impact on and use of the new media environment with regard to personal development, social interaction and democratic participation as well as learning and education with the aim to educate responsible users and producers of content.

    It will explore ways of integrating these practices in the everyday life at school to develop media literacy based on human rights. A media literate citizen is more likely to use the media environment fully, critically, profitably and responsibly.


    Interested education professionals can apply directly to participate in any training activity of the Pestalozzi programme. [More]



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